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Mdeck is a DJ, digger and Beatmaker who is drawn to Funk and Soul 45s, Latin, Jazz and Rock LPs in search of beats, samples and breaks. Drawn into Djing and vinyl through Hip-Hop , he begun searching deeper. Here is when Mdeck discovered his love for original funk and soul, and after expanding to B-boy breaks, has new inspiration and passion to continue digging and Djing. Mdeck also makes beats, chopping and sampling from his record stash.

Dj Mdeck – Mstrumentals (Mixtape)

Mdeck : June 17, 2014 12:43 pm : Mixes

After stashing beats for years and never doing anything with them, I am extremely happy to finally put together this mix!. Over 50+ original beats with my own flavor blended together in a little over an hour. Please share and enjoy!


There is nothing like a dope beat… the drums.. samples… head nod. The simple but addictive formula. Since the beginning, it has always been sample-based beats that have caught my attention and have drawn me in. My fascination with original samples of hip-hop’s golden age lead to my own personal discovery of the incredible music that the legendary producers of that time had sampled.

My experimentation with sampling and producing actually started before I considered myself a DJ. I even played a few of my primitive instrumentals on WRIU 90.3 FM back in the day. Making beats took a back seat for a while, but once I started heavily digging for break records, building my own sample collection, I was again inspired to focus and continue to develop my production skills and style.

-Dj Mdeck

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Happy Record Store Day

Mdeck : April 20, 2013 2:10 pm : blog posts

Happy Record Store Day! Although I feel we should support record and music stores all year and not just one day of the year..I appreciate that there is a day dedicated to record stores. Records are the arsenal of a good DJ or Producer and you would be hard pressed to find one that is successful and hasn’t spent hours sifting through wax in a dusty, cluttered record store. Going through old music is a journey in itself, the music that passes through your ears, the crazy cover art you find and the people you meet during the quest for the perfect dig.

This video really embodies the true digger to me. Oxygen kills it and really breaks down the habits of diggin. Some dope drum breaks in the track produced by Gensu Dean as well as some video cameos by digging legends like Breakbeat Lou, DJ Forrest Getemgump, DJ Spinna, Amir..all filmed during the final days of the legendary Big City Records NYC before it closed. It’s sad to see great records stores like Big City close up, so hopefully we can remind ourselves that if we don’t support these businesses all year they won’t always be around.

Also big shout out to companies like Massachusetts’s own Get On Down who have been reissuing all sorts of great records with creative and interesting twists to keep it fresh!! READ NY TIMES ARTICLE HERE


Diggin at Big City Records NYC in 2009 (Mdeck)

New Years '09 170b




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Flavor of the Month – Thurs March 21 – Goodlife Boston

Mdeck : March 5, 2013 1:38 am : Events



Serving up the Flavor Thurs. March 21 at Good Life!

Your favorite 90-2000s Hip Hop Jams, Dancehall and Soul to keep you moving. Vibe is always good, don’t miss out!

No Dresscode No Cover as always.

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Funky Soul Supreme Part 2 – 45 Mix – DJ Mdeck

Mdeck : September 11, 2012 11:13 am : Mixes


Once again I’m sharing my love for funk 45s, with Funky Soul Supreme Vol. 2. Classic, rare and obscure funk 45s  compiled into a 60 minute mix. Gritty horns, funky drums, basslines.. for people who appreciate real bad ass music, late 60s-70s, deep funky soul that will never go out of style.  You just can’t duplicate the feeling you get from records like these.

Direct Download Here


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Official Break Yo’self 4 Mixtape

Mdeck : June 2, 2012 1:16 am : Mixes

Recently some supporters from Border Youth collective hit us up about the Break Yo’ Self Annual Graffiti and Art Show Benefit event down in El Paso, Texas June 15-17. Some really dope writers and artist get together for this event every year, and proceeds will benefit the homeless and people in need through the El Paso Rescue Mission. We like to give back to those who support us and we are always down for a good cause! Their motto this year is fitting as “Shaking Cans With Helping Hands”.

Although we won’t be in attendance, we put together this mix for them, a hype selection of 90s and 2000s underground tracks. Check it out.


Direct Link: download



Peep some coverage from a past event below. Shout to the homie QBA Rawk! (Letras Crew/Boo Yah)

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